2012 Circos Visualisation
Experimental Space

critical threads is an open website. If you feel you would need a bit of space think aloud and to develop a thought with theoretical requirements, and if you want to risk some feedback on the way — this site should serve as a test-ground. We would love to see open dialogues developing in these threads.

The invitation to join us in (post-)positivist research should serve as an inspiration.

We are particularly fascinated by questions of verification — how do we prove a theory, a definition? — especially in the humanities?

We are interested in practicalities: The entire sphere of academic studies has moved — from the natural sciences and social sciences to the humanities — into the age of “big data”. We receive new technical options to search large sets of data and to analyse results. We can suddenly see things we would not have seen before.

The era when theory was a field of potentially esoteric interpretation is past. We have silently moved into a new era where practical solutions turn into temptations we should reflect.

Use this page to test and pre-publish theoretical thought. Inspire and connect.

Andrew McKencie McHarg, Cambridge
Olaf Simons, Gotha




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